I2C Motor Controller Board

board pic

Partially assembled first revision of the Motor Controller Board

I’ve recently been developing an I2C motor controller board for UC Berkeley’s Pioneers in Engineering (PiE), a club who’s purpose is to run a high school robotics competition. PiE creates the kit of parts which high schoolers use to create their robots and provides them with college mentors to help them through the process of building their robot. This year, this means building a motor controller to provide a cheaper alternative to the Pololu Simple motor controller.

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Yahoo Hackathon 2011 – A Ninja Physics Platformer


A room full of hackers

A hackathon, a hacker neologism, is an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming.

I got a group together from my computer science class to work on a project. Eventually, we decided on a puzzle platformer involving physics elements. The hackathon ran from 6:00 pm on Continue reading

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FRC Stats System

Staring at the stats display.

I’ve been working on a web application for recording statistics for FIRST Robotics Competition teams during a competition. I’m a member of FRC team #3255, and our main website is located at: www.nurdrobotics.com. This system is intended to be used for entering data on teams during a competition. It is capable of logging specific data such as number of tubes placed so that we can make more informed decisions with our alliances and hopefully during the process of alliance selection for the finals. It can also be used to record responses to surveys.


I recently moved the code from SVN on Google code to GitHub:

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Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

ISEF Group Pic

Group picture of finalists from San Diego.

The Intel®   International Science and Engineering Fair® (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, provides an annual forum for more than 1,500 high school students from 65 countries, regions, and territories

The Intel ISEF was an incredible experience.  I got to meet Bill Nye personally and hear presentations from several Nobel Laureates not to mention meeting people from all over the world.  Our group went to Disneyland, and Universal Studios which was closed to all but ISEF exhibitors for the night.  Now that it’s over, I can’t believe it has only been a week.  My only disappointment is that it is unlikely that anyone from my school will ever again do a science fair project, let alone make it to the international level.

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Light Sensor and Motion Sensor Using ThingSpeak, Arduino, and Processing

Thingspeak.com allows one to post information gathered by a networked device in real time.  I decided that I would test out the system with a simple light sensor. Then, I went further by developing a new Processing application which detects motion using a webcam and posts it to a ThingSpeak channel.

I’ve been working with microcontrollers for some time, but Thingspeak.com is a great way to connect those microcontrollers to the world. Continue reading

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Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair

Science Fair Project

At the Greater San Diego Science Fair, I won the Sweepstakes award which is the name given to the top award at the fair.  Now, I not only get to go on to the California State Science Fair, but also get an all expense paid trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. This year, the international fair happens to be in Los Angeles, but is in a different part of the country every year and includes “more than 1,600 high school students from nearly 60 countries.”


Additional Links

GSDSEF Senior Division Sweepstakes—One of the top awards given.

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FIRST Robotics Competition 2011

Our robot this year

I’m a part of FIRST Robotics Competition Team #3255: The “Super NURDs.”  This year we were seeded 5th out of 60 teams at the San Diego regional and made it to the quarter finals which is an incredible improvement compared with last year when we were a rookie team. When I helped start the team at my school I had no idea what it would become.

I am also deeply grateful for the Regional Dean’s List Award which was also an enormous surprise. The FRC team is the main thing I will miss as I go off to college next year.

This year, we competed in alliances of three teams each to hang as many tubes during the first two minutes of the match and then deploy a minibot at the end for extra points.

More info is available at our team website:  www.nurdrobotics.com

Also, check out the 2011 team video I made here or here.

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