Yahoo Hackathon 2011 – A Ninja Physics Platformer


A room full of hackers

A hackathon, a hacker neologism, is an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming.

I got a group together from my computer science class to work on a project. Eventually, we decided on a puzzle platformer involving physics elements. The hackathon ran from 6:00 pm on Friday until 2:00 pm the next day!

A screenshot from the game

We didn’t achieve as much as we hoped, but we did get a working game. This is the first time I have collaborated with more than two people on a software development project and I think I learned a lot about working on such a team.  On the right, you can see a screenshot from the final submission.

Here it is

Our final result is available as an svn repository at
Our final result is available on github here:

On mac or linux, simply run the following in the terminal:
svn co hack

cd hack

(Of course, you must have python installed)

Maybe someday I’ll create an installer.


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